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AnimMan Studios is so excited to announce that we have begun working on the Noah's Ark book and film!

The story of Noah is single handedly one of the most popular stories in the bible. Here at AnimMan Studios, this story is dear to our hearts. We love the mystery and intrigue involved in imagining that time for Noah and his family.

From concept to completion, we are striving to create a series of images as well as a short film, which will capture your imagination and immerse you into a world that up until now has only been in the pages of the scriptures. We are pouring all of our resources into this project in order to bring unsurpassed quality and realism.

For years we've been saying that the Noah project must be an adventure in sight and sound. This project is sure to be no small undertaking. Imagine with us for a moment…seeing the animals responding to the call of the Lord, watching the hand of the Lord shutting the door, being inside the ark as the first waves lift it and free it from the land, seeing the ark experience the violence of the conditions and much, much more.

We are also thrilled to announce that YOU can get involved in several ways.
1. Make a donation to help keep this project going forward.

2. Send us your ideas as to what you think should be seen.
3. Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. We'd love to hear from you.
4. You can still purchase our four images. All proceeds will be used to continue moving the project forward.

Thanks for your support.