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The Tabernacle of Moses

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Eric J Bouchoc

The Original Tabernacle DVD

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Time: 28 minutes
Production year: 2000



Made available by popular demand. Now you can use the images as you see fit in your lessons, sermons and more. AnimMan Studios is now offering, a fascinating walk through the images we've made famous in this one of a kind project that is sure to meet all of your eduactional and presentation needs. It contains all the images found in the Tabernacle Gallery and more. Some never before seen images are included as well as all the furniture items isolated so that you can drag and drop them into your own custom presentation. Simply click the image to the right and send us an email letting us know that you are interested.


NOW AVAILABLE! The Tabernacle for the iPad. If you have seen the iPad, then you know how amazing the images are on it...crystal clear and vibrant. The images of the Tabernacle jump out at you...complete with zooming and panning. AnimMan Studios is very excited to bring you this latest addition to the Tabernacle project. All the images of the book and more. In particular, the stunning image of the glory of the Lord appearing over the Mercy Seat! It will absolutely stun you. Also built in, the ability to link to your projector or monitor for a dynamic teaching tool! A must have for your collection.


TABERNACLE DVD - Special Edition

Since it was first produced in 2000, the original award-winning Tabernacle DVD has been a blessing to people all over the world. Now re-created in all its splendor, The Tabernacle Special Edition DVD has been rebuilt, re-rendered and digitally mastered for an experience like no other. Hear the sounds and walk where the Israelites walked. Immerse yourself in an experience that is sure to capture your spirit and your heart. This digitally mastered DVD presents you with vivid colors and contrasting images that have never before been seen this way. You will see, firsthand, all the detail of scripture come alive in stunning quality and clarity. For images takes directly from the DVD, please visit the Tabernacle Gallery

TABERNACLE BOOK - Expanded Edition

The Tabernacle book is 65 pages with new, never before seen images. This new addition is sure to captivate you. Stunning three-dimensional images capture what the tabernacle may have looked like. Using the latest technology, this amazing book will take you back in time and draw you into each image as you imagine yourself standing right there in the pages.


Eric Bouchoc has brought to life images of the Tabernacle that depict its beauty, majesty, and simplicity in a manner that will inspire believers of all ages.  Moms and dads will want to their children to learn from and be inspired by this book--after mom and dad are finally done looking at the magnificient art themselves.

~ Michael Farris (Chancellor Patrick Henry College)



Eric Bouchoc is a dynamic speaker and the creator of the Tabernacle Project. Present the Tabernacle Project to your congregation in a unique way by inviting him to come and speak. You will be moved and inspird as you hear how the Lord poured out the vision that went into each image and how He is working through them. You will be amazed as you take this special journey with him and the Lord."

Contact AnimMan Studios today and set up an appointment to bring the Tabernacle to you in a closer and more personal way.


If you have ever wanted to see the Holy Place; if you have ever dared to imagine the experience of being in the Holy of Holies, then you will be thrilled when you watch The Tabernacle. AnimMan Studios presents this intriguing walk through of the ancient tabernacle. This meeting place between sinful man and Holy God is seen in illuminating three-dimensional computer generated detail.

The Tabernacle video is a stunningly visual demonstration of how God lived among his people in the desert before they entered the Promised Land. With vivid pictures and appropriate narration, this presentation will help the significance of the tabernacle come alive for you and your students.

~ Josh McDowell (Author and Speaker)